going home to enjoy life again

Father has been in the hospital for a week due to the seizures.  He had a few more in hospital until they could get things sorted out with the medication.  The meds seem to be working now.

Laura called me to say everything was better and that he was going home tomorrow.  They’ll use a hospital patient transfer service (like an ambulance except without the medical equipment or paramedics).

Laura thinks he might be too weak for more radiation therapy.  He’s lost muscle tone in his legs from being a week in hospital, and he’s only eaten a bit of sandwich per day.  He would be hungry at 4pm, and they’d come with supper at 6pm; that doesn’t work, so Laura has been bringing him food.  She tried to feed him some egg from a Tim’s breakfast sandwich.  “I’ve never eaten egg in my f###ing life!”  He didn’t have his teeth in for the bacon.

He loves sitting on the balcony looking at his yard.  Laura has fixed it up quite nicely with flowers, trimmed shrubs, painted railings, and such.  So he sits out there, has a coffee & cigarette, and enjoys life.

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  1. The site looks good. I like the protected content part. It’s good to be able to write it down and get it all off your chest. It’s good for the mental health.
    Do you think he is loosing his marbles more than we thought? Is the paranoia coming from him or Laura or both? Does it really matter? Nothing legal like a house sale can actually happen so does it matter?
    Have to end here. Just looked at the time. Have to get to bed. Work tomorrow.
    Holiday coming up soon. Sept 4-16.

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